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 OV01 Overview of Hyson Cells features - what makes Hyson different
 IN01 - Simple installation overview and COLTO Installation instructions
 IN02 - "Draft SABS" Installation instructions for Roads and Linings - version 7 August 2005


IN03 - "Draft SABS" Particular specifications for Trafficable Waterproof Liner version 7 September 2007
Roads and industrial paving
 RD01 - Road rehabilitation using a Hyson Cells overlay
 RD02 -Mini case study - townhouse paving
 RD03 -"Innovative and cost effective solutions for roads in rural areas and difficult terrain" - Paper presented at 8th Low Volume Roads Conference in Reno, Nevada 2003 - Prof AE Visser
 RD04 -"The response of flexible Portland Cement pavements under ultra heavy loading", Paper published in Concrete/Beton 1999 - Prof AE Visser
Canals and drains
 CH01 - Canal liner. Hyson Cells compared to a conventional concrete liner
 CH02 - Canal liner. Concrete lined irrigation channels - Causes of failure by Australia's National Program for Irrigation Research and Development


CH03 - Hyson canal liner under extreme clay soil conditions - report by past Director of DWAF
Trafficable Waterproof Liner
 WL01 - Case Study - Phalaborwa mine
 WL02 - Hyson trafficable bitumen liner compared to armoured plastic liner


WL03 - Mechanical cleaning of Hyson waterproof liner - Case study by a client. Also, "Repairing a Hyson liner"


WL04 - Hyson trafficable liner compared to clay with stone riprap
Water Treatment Plant
 WT01 - PowerPoint - Wolmaranstad low cost Water Treatment Plant
  WT02 - PowerPoint - Wolmaranstad low cost Water Treatment Plant
Wave revetments 
 WR01 -"Wave revetments for inland lakes" - Paper published in Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, 2003 - Chris Watermeyer, past Technical Director of Stewart Scott Inc 
Labour-based construction
 LB01 - Labour based construction case study
 LB02 -Illustrated supplement to LB01
Gravity mass walls
 GW01 - "Vertical sand walls", the "cone effect" technical paper
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