Applications where Hyson Cells can save costs
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Cost comparison with conventional construction methods

Roads and industrial paving
Channels, drains and canals
Embankment protection
Toxic ponds and landfill
Flood damage
Mining applications


Because they are inexpensive and versatile, use of Hyson Cells is very diverse - see sidebar on the left.

The geocells are used in four main categories :

  • The cell mat is used as vast in-situ formwork to cast a slab of connected interlocked concrete block paving. The cell formwork remains in the slab to serve as in-situ jointing.

    Pouring a cell slabPouring a cell slab

    A few applications are :

    • Roads and paving
    • Canal liners and pond liners
    • Erosion protection of slopes

  • Cells may be up to 4 metres deep and may be used to reinforce in-situ granular fill by the action of confining it.
    • Earth dam walls
    • Harbour walls and retaining walls
    • Railway formation layers
    • Submerged artificial reefs

    Cells 2m deep

  • The cell mat may be filled with topsoil and vegetated for use as embankment erosion protection.

    Steep grass slopes


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