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Hyson Cells are a mat comprising square, hollow geocells fabricated from thin plastic film. The mat is equipped with integral laced rigging supplied ex factory. Hyson Cells are inexpensive and have diverse applications .

Standard cell sizes currently range from 150mm x 150mm to 400mm x 400mm. Non standard cell sizes can be made on request.

Minimum cell depth is 50mm while maximum depth is 4 metres.

The mats are supplied ex factory in compact bales normally weighing about 50 kg (depending on size). Packs are expanded on site. A standard "half" module is 100 m² and "full" modules are 200 m². Mats can be easily cut and joined on site. For large projects mats can be tailor-made to suite the dimensions of a particular site.

For full details see our Specification Sheet.

Hyson Cells have concentrated on utilising the engineering properties presented by the geometry of the cells and the mechanical properties of the fill materials.

Features and benefits will be discussed under 3 major categories :


Contact us at info@hysoncells.co.za

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