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    Flood damage

Prevention and rehabilitation

Hyson Cells withstands 100 year conditions

We are very happy with our track record and have no "incidents" to defend after the extremely heavy Year 2000 floods. Hyson Cellscausewaysremained unscathed where those built with alternative methods were washed away.

Bridge abutment protection

Hyson Cells is especially effective in protecting abutments.

The Hyson Cells "armouring blanket" is filled with 40 MPa concrete. The armouring was taken completely over the crest to protect against breaching originating at that point. The armour was taken right across the channel or else was terminated in a very deep "tuck-in" to protect against undercutting.

What makes Hyson Cells durable ?

Major features are :
  • Hyson Cells is aflexibleconcrete slab
  • "Tuck-in" edge termination inhibits undercutting and associated edge damage which then escalates.
See thefeaturestopic for detail.

Economic design

When the community desperately need roads it makes sense to construct a road that is itself capable of handling the stormwater runoff rather than invest in separate stormwater drains. See photos with abstracts of "road and drain in one" and other features of "roads and water" in the gallery.

Also see the main topics on

Labour based construction

Labour based construction can be used with Hyson Cells. See photos and abstracts in thelabour based constructionsection of the gallery.

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