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Contents of "Applications" topic

Roads and industrial paving
Channels, drains and canals
Embankment protection
Toxic ponds and landfill
Mining applications

Planned Contents of "Applications"

Civil engineering
Roads & paving
Railway formation layers
Drains and channels
Embankment protection
Spillways & riprap
Ponds & resevoirs
Dam walls
Mining engineering
Mine roads
Stope support system
Dams & ponds
Thickener tanks
Tailings dam protection
Harbour walls
Artificial reefs
Dune protection
Chemical engineering
Liners for toxic storage
Water purification
Chemical thickeners
Methane digester
Purification pack
Algae & fish ponds
Oil skimmer
Animal house flooring
Waste treatment
Dams & spillways
Irrigation storage dams
Fish & algae farming
    Embankment protection


Hyson Cells offers the following solutions for embankment protection

When the slope is NOT stable

When the slope is not stable in its own right then it must be

  • stabilised by providing a Hyson Cells with in-situ fill gravity mass retaining wall to support the toe, or
  • the face may be stabilised by using steps constructed from layered Hyson Cells with in-situ fill

The face of the slope may then be additionally protected as follows

When the slope itself is stable

The slope surface may be protected by

  • Vegetative cover planted in Hyson Cells
  • "Mock rock" constructed using Hyson Cells
  • Vegetated No-fines Concrete in Hyson Cells
  • "Soil / cement" (also known as soilcrete, sandcrete, ashcrete) in Hyson Cells
  • Concrete armouring in Hyson Cells

Photo overview

Look at our gallery for photos with comments. Relevant topics for embankment protection are :/p>

More information - in Draft form

This topic is still under preparation. More information is available on a separate page but be prepared for a slow download due to the pics.Look at draftof more detail.


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