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Benefits of Hyson Cells concrete roads

The Hyson Cells system offers advantages in addition to low price.

Minimum maintenance

The Hyson Cells system gives up to 20 years life with minimal maintenance. Chip and spray on the other hand can be expected to require the following maintenance in the same 20 year period:

  • Fog spray after 4 years
  • Single chip and spray after 8 years @ ± R3.75 per m²
  • Single chip and spray after 15 years @ @ ± R25 per m²

Features of Hyson Cells road systems

Edge reinforcement
Edge termination of the "cell slab" is by means of an arch into "tuck-in" cut-off beams. This gives edge strength and protects against shear of the pavement where traffic leaves the pavement to ride or park on the shoulder.
Protection from potholing

The cut-off helps prevent undermining by rainwater.

The layerworks are encased in a protective waterproof shell. Fines cannot escape through the jointing cracks because they are only a few microns wide. This prevents the formation of potholes.

Load bearing

The pavement comprises 30MPA interlocked concrete blocks. Each individual 30 MPa block is itself "indestructible" with E80 traffic loading.

Industrial paving trials conducted at Kaserne in 1998 proved the Hyson Cells system able to accommodate 100 ton axles even though constructed on fully saturated underlying material with a CBR of 15.

Accommodation of settlement

The 3D interlock gives a flexible slab. The pavement can accommodate deflections of up to 200 mm over 3 metres in the event of settlement. Such deflections can be "renovated" if required without having to lift the pavement. Concrete grout can be pumped beneath the interlocked block paving to lift it.

Such settlement need however be minimal by using deep compaction of the underlying material. Hyson Cells advise impact rolling to compact the total road to a depth of 3-5 metres.

Design for runoff

The Hyson Cells system may be used with a variety of profiles and side drains can be incorporated as an integral part of the pavement. With a main road probably the most cost effective option is to have a slight fall across the road to a single side drain on one side of the road. This will reduce costs as compared to using two side drains.

Opportunity for labour based construction

While "first world" methods and the use of Ready Mix concrete will be more efficient with Hyson Cells, there is an opportunity to alternatively use labour based construction. This can be particularly suitable for government projects in remote areas.

A bare-bones option

This alternative shaves costs to the minimum. Where a double chip and spray would be about R65 per m² the Hyson Cells concrete road would come in at R45 per m². But the Hyson Cells road is maintenance-free for ±20 years.

No cut or fill is used and instead the road is rehabilitated using deep compaction with an impact roller and Hyson Cells surfacing applied as an overlay.

This option requires that road signs limit traffic to a speed of 80 km/hr.

Technical overview of Hyson Cells

Read how Hyson Cells work in our "features topic". Load transfer is the key.

Layerwork designs

See our topic onlayer designs(including a comparison to conventional concrete).

Contact usat info@hysoncells.co.za

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