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Cost comparison with conventional construction methods

Roads and industrial paving
Channels, drains and canals
Embankment protection
Toxic ponds and landfill
Flood damage
Mining applications
    Mine pack stope support system
The system comprises a hollow plastic honeycomb matrix (shown in the diagram as a cutaway with blue walls and yellow top) confined in an outer textile bag shown as grey.
The bag is shown in the diagram as having three compartments. Ib this configuration the two outer compartments would contain Hyson Cells honeycomb cores and would be pumped full with concrete grout to form supporting columns. The middle compartment would be larger than indicated in the diagram and would contain pumped backfill waste but with no hoeycomb core. The middle compartment therefore performs a secondary supporting role.
The honeycomb within a compartment need not all be filled with the same material. It may be arranged that some cell columns are filled with cement, some with slimes etc. In this way the load bearing characteristics of the Hyson Cells support column may be altered to fit the differing requirements of different mining conditions, e.g. platinum vs gold.

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