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Hyson Cells with concrete


In the field it has been shown that Hyson Cells canals are comparable to conventional concrete canals with respect to waterproofing. How can this possibly be with a liner constructed from "block paving"?

The small joint gap of less than 0.12mm and the lockup phenomenom have been discussed under load transfer.

Trials have proven that a newly constructed Hyyson Cells joint in a 100 mm thick concrete "cell slab" will support a water column of 4 metres with no discernable leakage. As the concrete cures the joints will tend to open up due to curing shrinkage. However, in the field there will also be small rotations of the cast blocks resulting from minor subsidence. These rotations will tend to close the gaps by pinching the plastic jointing (the HDPE plastic cell wall) between adjacent rotated concrete blocks).

Should no seepage at all be allowable, e.g. when lining a toxic pond or landfill, then Hyson Cells can be installed as concrete armouring to an impermeable liner such as bitumen or a geomembrane. This application is discussed in the "Application section". Aspects of this application are the subject of international patent applications.

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