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Canals and stormwater

Canals with steep walls

  • Hyson Cells canals can be built with high steep walls 45° to 70°
  • The walls do not need reinforced steel and there is no need to cast a panel and miss a panel
  • The canals have no expansion joints so there is no maintenance
  • The gap between the cast concrete blocks is only 10 to 20 microns. Hydrostatic pressure is relieved but fines are not pumped out. No non return valves or drainage plugs are required
  • A Manning of 0.012 is typical. The Manning value depends on the degree of attention paid to finishing and matches conventional concrete
  • Tests indicate that the canal is “water proof” to 4 metres head
  • Levels within ±4 mm over 5 metres are achieved
  • The cast blocks are all interlocked in 3 dimensions. This allows a degree of movement of the wall without failure resulting through shear
  • The patented rigging allows the formwork / jointing cell mat to be soil nailed to the back of the canal so the embankment can be steeper and yet still be secure
  • Large packs delivered ex factory and easy trimming and joining in the field allows a continuous mat over the total width and length of the canal without construction joints. (There need be no construction joint between separate construction pours if our instructions are followed)
  • Installation speed for one team can be 1000 - 2000 m² per day
  • The canal can be constructed with multiple teams. Easy joining of cell packs presents no problems when construction teams meet




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