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Research is high priority with Hyson Cells

  • Prof. A.T. Visser, Professor, S.a. Roads Board Chair of Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Pretoria receives his award for "Best paper contributing to the transport debate" from Her Royal Highness Princess ann at the CITSa Transport awards in 1994.
  • This paper, based on a study of Hyson Cells in the field and in the laboratory, was "A cast in-situ block pavement suitable for low volume access streets"
  • Professor Visser has retained his interest in the product. More recent research on heavy duty applications (100 ton axles) is based on studies at a container yard. The paper is to be presented in the USA in May 1999 and we await official publication in the journals before offering it on this Web site.
  • Research is not however limited to Professor Visser's efforts and Hyson Cells tries to undertake about 6 research projects per year.
  • A word of caution -
    We see products in the marketplace which resemble Hyson Cells but are made from different materials. The properties of these products may be entirely different to Hyson Cells. In particular, research on concrete with Hyson Cells can NOT be applied to cells made from woven or non-woven geotextiles.




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