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A vast mat of hollow cells

  • Hyson Cells are a vast matrix of connected, thin-walled, hollow cells made by joining strips of plastic film.
  • The cell mats serve as formwork for casting concrete "cell slabs"
    • The cell formwork remains in the cast concrete slab to serve as jointing
    • Hyson Cells are delivered ex factory in large modules of either 100 m² or 200 m². Each module weighs only about 50 kg and may easily be handled on site. The modules may be easily cut and joined to make the final required size.
    • Hyson Cells concrete cell slabs have many benefits for diverse Applications . Installation is quick and easy with production rates up to 2000 m² per day being possible. There is no need to install separate jointing and therefore no disruption to production. Even the most complex contours can be accommodated without the need for shuttering.
  • The cells may also be made 2m or even 4m deep. Such cells may be used to contain granular fill for the construction of gravity mass walls.
  • The cells may also be used to control the flow of fluids and have application such as water purification and chemical thickening.




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